Ukraine Support

Extending Compassion to Ukrainians: Discover our nurturing community dedicated to providing support, resources, and hope during challenging times.

The Partnership behind Harpenden Cares has put together a page of resources for our Ukrainian guests and hosts. We are also creating a database of people in our area from Ukraine so that we can easily communicate news and information.

We only intend to email or call people if we have something important or beneficial to share. If you would like to join this database please click here. When you register, you will see that there are questions about you and your family. We have included these so that we can ensure information is always relevant to you but we want to reassure you that these details will not be shared with anyone else.

Additionally, if you are hosting individuals or families from Ukraine, please click here so that we can keep in touch. We are able to offer support and guidance to you and hope that we can provide relevant and important information to

Volunteering to help in other ways

Many people from both the UK and Ukraine have let us know that they would like to help in ways other than hosting. At the moment we are inviting those who would like to get involved to email us at

Ukrainian Support Group

Experience the warmth and support of our community! Join us for upcoming events as we come together to connect, encourage, and uplift one another. For event updates and details, reach out to us at 

Ukraine Resources

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