Building Hope and Community in Kenya: Join us in transforming lives through church support, education, and vital resources.

In 2016, an incredible connection was made with Pastor Africanos and New Springs of Life Church through LinkedIn. Together with Pastors Gerald and Jacob, they lead a network of churches in Nairobi. During a visit to their church in Busia in 2018, our Elder, John Swain, spoke at their leaders’ conferences, forging strong bonds.

One church in a remote part of Busia had diligently built its walls with homemade bricks but lacked the resources for crucial elements like timber, doors, and windows. Responding to their need, we rallied support and raised funds to complete the building. Today, it stands as a beautiful gathering place and a community centre where health clinics provide vital care.

Our ongoing mission includes combating hunger in the Semi-Arid region of Northwest Kenya. Collaborating with Pastor Waneloba Wafula from Bungoma, we’ve successfully delivered twelve 20ft containers filled with essential food supplies. This effort has been crucial as the area has endured years of drought, swarming locusts devastating their crops, and devastating floods further exacerbating their struggles.

In 2022, a dedicated team from Bethany returned to Busia to participate in the church leaders’ conference. Witnessing firsthand the completed church building and experiencing the profound gratitude of the community reinforced our shared commitment.

Over the years, we’ve supported education for pastors’ children, aided in rebuilding homes damaged by torrential rains, provided seed funding for failed crops, and supplied instruments and equipment for worship. Additionally, we assisted one pastor in revitalising his pig rearing micro business by enabling the purchase of a pig.

One of our ambitious endeavours is to ensure access to clean, fresh water in the villages where the New Springs of Life churches are located.

The journey with our Kenyan friends has been mutually transformative. Despite facing immense poverty and hardship, their love for God shines brightly, inspiring us. We cherish the privilege of collaborating with this devoted group of churches, learning invaluable lessons along the way.