Our vision is to be a community that radically loves God and others, bringing transformation locally, nationally and globally.

Defined – part 8 – Timothy – Neil Chitty

In this weeks talk in the Defined series, Neil talks from 2 Timothy Chapter 1 (v1-14) showing how Paul encourages Timothy. In four key points, Neil encourages us to firstly  fan into flames the gift of God, given to us by the Holy Spirit. Listen on to hear the other challenges. 

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Defined – part 5 – Jonah – Sarah Jones

Listen as Sarah talks about the “drama” prophet and those “belly of the fish moments”, as she  examines lessons we can learn from God's dealings with the prophet Jonah. Based on readings from the book of Jonah.

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Defined – part 5 – Mary – Eloisa Payne

In the fifth part of our Defined series, Eloisa compares Mary and Zechariah's responses to God and encourages us that we are highly favoured and to listen to God's voice in the big and the small moments. Readings from Luke Ch 1 v26-38 and Lk Ch 1 v8-20.

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Giving Sunday – Andy Spilman

Following on from Neil's talk on the Vision for Bethany, Andy Spilman talks on the subject of  Giving and supporting the church vision. Philippians Ch 4 v10-19.

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