Explore Life, Faith & Meaning

Looking to explore the deeper issues of life? Our Alpha Course offers a safe and engaging space for you to connect with others and discover what life and the Christian faith is all about. We’d love to join you on the journey and help you navigate life and faith’s biggest questions. 

Who is it for?

At Bethany, we recognize that we’re all on unique journeys of exploration and discovery. Whether you’re questioning, seeking, or simply navigating where you’re at, we invite you to join our welcoming community. Embrace the adventure of faith with us as we journey together, learning, growing, and discovering what it means to live a life rooted in Christ. 

A Typical Evening

Our plan is for us to share a delightful two-course meal, where we come together to build connections and engage in meaningful conversations. Following the meal we watch captivating videos curated by the Alpha team, designed to spark thought-provoking discussions.

Book in for Alpha

Alpha is completely free and open to all and you’re welcome to try out the first evening to see if it’s for you before committing to the rest of the course.

Get involved

If you have a question about Alpha or would like more details email: or call us: 01582 318 171

Get Connected

We look forward to hearing from you and connecting with you soon!


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