Kids & Youth

Empowering the Next Generation. Our Kids and Youth programs equip young hearts and minds to thrive in their faith and make a difference in the world.

Acorns 0-5s

At Bethany, we prioritise the well-being and growth of our little ones right from the start. That’s why we have created a special environment within our services specifically designed for babies and toddlers. With a dedicated and nurturing team, engaging activities, and prepared crafts, we ensure that our Acorns (ages 0-5) have a memorable and enjoyable time.

During the service, Acorns have the opportunity to join their parents for the first two songs. It’s a precious moment where they witness their grown-ups worshipping God and setting an example of what it means to know Him. Following the second song, a sign will appear indicating it’s time for the Acorns to head to their own worship time in the Powerpack space (more information on Powerpack further down the page). This portion of the service is tailored specifically to their needs and provides a context that resonates with them. Afterward, the Acorns will be escorted by our dedicated team to their designated space.

For any additional information or inquiries, please feel free to reach out to Jessamy, our Children’s Worker, at She will be delighted to assist you.

Powerpack 5-11s

Powerpack is Bethany’s children’s group designed for ages 5-11.

On Sunday mornings, we kindly request parents to pre-register their children in the foyer before the service begins. Once registered, we invite you to bring your child into the service alongside you. We believe in the power of parents modelling worship and the joy of experiencing God together. During the first two songs, families worship side by side, demonstrating to our children what it means to wholeheartedly engage with God.

Following the second worship song, the children gather in the foyer and proceed to our dedicated Powerpack classroom on the ground floor. Here, a world of exciting activities and age-appropriate worship awaits them, allowing them to explore their faith journey in a fun and meaningful way.

At Powerpack, our goal is to create a holistic experience for children. We combine lively moments, heartfelt worship, engaging games, creative arts and crafts, and impactful Bible teachings to provide a well-rounded and enriching environment. Through empowering children to grow in their faith, we also nurture their unique gifts and talents, fostering their spiritual development.

Beyond our weekly gatherings, we organise a range of social events throughout the year. These events provide valuable opportunities for children to build friendships, embark on memorable adventures, and share moments of laughter and connection.

To ensure parents stay connected and informed, we have established a dedicated Whatsapp group where Jessamy actively engages with families. Within this supportive community, she shares exciting activities, fun games, and regular conversations. It serves as a platform not only for investing in the spiritual growth of our children but also for checking in on parents, offering encouragement and support along the way. To join our private Facebook Group, simply click here and submit a request to join.

We warmly invite you to join us at Powerpack, where together we embark on an exciting journey of faith, growth, and joyful discovery!

Affinity 11-18s

Welcome to Affinity, a vibrant community where young people connect, grow, and build lasting relationships. 

Affinity means having a strong connection, and our vision is to empower and equip 11 to 18 year olds with a deep love for God and a heart for his work into this world. Through memorable social nights, engaging discipleship groups, and experiences like Newday, we provide a space for youth to discover their purpose, grow in their faith, and make a lasting impact.

Join us as we journey together, forging a strong connection with God, each other, and the world around us. Affinity: where connections grow, faith flourishes, and lives are transformed.

Below is short description of what we do:

Affinity on Friday

What: A place for 11 to 18 year olds to build a deep connection with God and each other. We alternate on a fortnightly basis (during term time) between social nights and discipleship nights.


Fridays, 7.30 – 9.30pm during term time


Crabtree Church, Harpenden

Affinity @ Church

We believe in providing relevant and contextualised teaching for young people while fostering their integration within the church body. That’s why, three out of every four weeks, we take the youth out during the sermon, offering them tailored teaching, while maintaining the connection with the broader vision of the church.


Each year, we offer an amazing opportunity for young people to attend the youth festival, Newday. At Newday, they will experience empowering teaching, heartfelt worship, and create unforgettable memories. For more information about this incredible event, visit their website: