School Work

Jump into Faith, Enriching Education. Jump! brings lively Christianity lessons to Harpenden primary schools, making a difference in young lives.

Jump! is a local ministry run by Bethany member Natalie Edwards and supported financially by Bethany Community Church alongside other local churches. The team of volunteers come from a number of local churches of various denominations, offering Christianity lessons for Harpenden primary schools. The lessons complement and fulfil requirements of the Hertfordshire Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education. The engaging classroom-based learning is enriched by trips to local churches and visits from church leaders to talk about their role and beliefs. 

What are the aims?

Jump! aims to share the Christian faith in a lively, relevant and consistent way, providing opportunities for churches and local Christians to connect with their local primary schools and to make a difference in the lives of the young people and staff. Schools are offered an enrichment to their RE lessons that hopefully springboard further opportunities for learning.

How does it operate?

Schools invite Jump! to take an RE lesson that compliments what they are currently teaching about Christianity. The lessons are delivered in teams, usually 2 or more people, and are fast paced and interactive.