Our Brilliant 5-11s

Powerpack is Bethany’s children’s group from ages 5-11 and is led by Jessamy Kinghorn.

On Sunday mornings Powerpack requires parents to pre-register their child before the service begins in the foyer. After the third worship song, the children assemble in the foyer, from where they go to the classroom on the ground floor, where they meet for their activities.

Powerpack meets weekly to have fun, worship, play games, do art and craft and have Biblical teaching of their own. We also run a series of social activities throughout the year where we can hang out with our friends and have fun together.

We have a Facebook group for parents of our children, where Jessamy is engaging them in activities and games, chatting to them regularly and also checking up on the parents to see how they are doing too. If you would like to join this Facebook Group – click here. You will need to request to join as it’s a private group.

For further information on Powerpack please contact Jessamy Kinghorn at jessamy.kinghorn@bethanycc.org.uk