Coronavirus Update

*UPDATE 3rd December 2021*

On 2nd December the government body that overseas legislation and guidelines for youth work met to discuss if there should be any changes to their Covid-19 guidance. They decided yesterday that in all settings where youth work is undertaken indoors, mask wearing is now mandatory for everyone over the age of 11 unless they are medically exempt. This doesn’t come as a surprise as most schools across the UK are already doing this. So please, unless your young person is medically exempt, send them to our youth activities (Friday evenings & Sunday mornings) with a mask. 

Due to this change in Government guidance, we would like to keep everyone as safe as possible. So, we ask that everyone (unless medically exempt), coming along to our Sunday morning meetings, wears a mask. Spare masks will be available in the welcome area for anyone that requires one. If possible, we also encourage everyone to do an LFT before attending any church activities. 

   We will make hand sanitiser available at various points around the building and would encourage you to use this when coming into St George’s.

  We will create a seating area that has increased space between chairs for those who would like to be socially distanced. This will be in the right-hand block of seating as you are facing the front. We will also keep the fire doors open on that side, so there will be plenty of ventilation. If you would like to sit elsewhere and still be socially distanced, then please let someone on the door know and they will give you a sheet of paper that you can place on the chair next to you (this means you would have to sit on an aisle seat) that will indicate you would like to maintain social distancing.

If you are showing symptoms of Covid or have tested positive, please do not attend the meeting as it is vital that we protect others. If you have come into contact with some-one else who has tested positive, please do a test prior to coming to St George’s, even if you have been double-jabbed. Thank you so much. (

The purpose of this policy is to reassure and inform you. We want to reassure you that we’re taking Coronavirus seriously and inform you of our approach and the procedures we have put in place.

The information below is intended for all linked to Bethany Community Church. The latest version of this policy will be published on our website and emailed where appropriate.

Our Policy

We’re following the government’s advice about Coronavirus which is published on the Public Health England website (see the links below). This website contains advice about how to protect yourself and others and we would encourage you to look at this information and follow the advice.

• Our ministries that support vulnerable individuals and families in our community will be continuing but we will change how they operate in order to keep our volunteers and those they serve safe.

1 Corinthians 13:7 says that ‘love always protects’ and that is what we are doing. I can’t express how sad and heavy I feel about this as I have a deep love for you all.  We are called to be wise and we are called to be good stewards. We believe this is the right thing to do and trust you will support us in this decision. We will work hard to make sure that everyone in the church still feels connected, cared for and provided for. Please know that we will be sending out regular communications with regards to how we will post online sermons, how we can all care for the vulnerable, and share creative ideas on how you can love your neighbours amongst other things. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Above all things though, pray!

Pray that the coronavirus is quickly eradicated.
Pray for Boris Johnson and the government to have wisdom at this time.
Pray for the NHS and all medical staff.
Pray for those who maybe facing the risk of losing their jobs.
Pray for the church that it will rise up and demonstrate the Father’s love in a powerful way to those needing hope.

How you can help

Read and follow the advice on the Public Health England website (see link below).

If you experience any potential Coronavirus symptoms such as a fever, cold/flu or respiratory problems, even if they are very mild you should follow the advice on the Public Health England website (see link below) which, at the time of writing, is to remain at home for 7 days (14 days if you live with other people – all members of the household must remain at home) if you (or someone you live with) have a high temperature and/or a new continuous cough.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.

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