Affinity Youth – 11-18s

At Bethany Community Church, we love young people and see them not only as the church of tomorrow but a vital part of church right now. 

Affinity means to have a strong connection with something or someone. Our hope is that all the young people we come into contact with will build a deep connection with God and one another. 

Affinity Youth runs across three main projects to serve and support 11-18 year olds connected with Bethany and the surrounding community. 


Before the Coronavirus pandemic, Affinity was an event for Secondary School aged young people within the community. It aimed to be a safe place to connect with each other,  It ran every other Friday during term time, from 7:30-9:30 pm. It aims to be a place to connect. Timings were 7:30pm – 9:30pm and is £2 on entry.

Affinity Groups

We also run our Affinity Groups on the alternate weeks. In these groups our aim is to give young people a place to grow, learn and be discipled in their faith in Jesus.


During our 10.30am Service youth regularly go out at then end of worship, to have there own period of relevant teaching.


In the summer we offer our young people the exciting chance to attend the summer festival Newday. Newday is week long event for those between the ages of 12-18, offering incredibly fun moments, exciting worship and powerful bible teaching. 

Affinity during COVID19

During these incredibly strange times, Affinity Youth does not look the same, but we are continuing to create places for connection and community. Within the church we love our young people and have a devoted team looking to support and encourage our youth during lockdown. 

Currently, we are running a group on a Friday night. We run on a rotation of games nights and discipleship groups, offering places for light relief and continuing discipleship. These are both hosted at Crabtree Church Harpenden.  

We also run 2 Whatsapp groups, to help connect and communicate with our young people.

Get in Contact

If you like to get in contact and have any questions regarding our youth work please get in touch with our lead youth worker John Dutton here –