Our Lovely 0-5s

Acorns is Bethany’s childrens group for our 0-5’s – from birth to Reception aged children – run by Rosemary Shaw.

Acorns meet together in a classroom on the 1st floor. Please register your child in the foyer before the service starts. Parents are required to take their child(ren) up to the Acorns classroom.

Children from birth to 5 years old are welcome to come and play, sing and learn about God in a very simple way. Parents of babies may be asked to stay with their child in order to maintain the necessary adult to child ratios.

Our Acorns leader Rosemary Shaw is passionate about providing children’s work that is safe, fun and creative. She, along with a dedicated team, use a variety of means including songs, stories, craft and play to communicate foundational Biblical truths to the children under their care.

At the moment we aren’t meeting at St George’s School due to Coronavirus, but we are checking in with our families with littles ones often via our Small Groups.

We look forward to playing, singing and making things on a Sunday morning again!

In the near future we are hoping to start meeting together again as Bubbles Toddler Group, a wonderful opportunity to spend time with other parents and carers of 0-4 year old children at Batford Methodist Hall on a Tuesday morning. For more information about Bubbles – click here.

For more information about Acorns or Bubbles Toddler Group, please contact Rosemary Shaw, via the Church Office.